Author Kits

Interspeech 2008 will have two types of submission formats:
  • Full Paper (4 page limit)
  • Short Paper (1 page limit)
See Paper Submission for further details.

To ensure a coherent style in the Proceedings, please use one of the templates (Latex, Microsoft Word, Open Office) provided in the respective kits:

  • Full Paper kit (617KB)
  • Short Paper kit (573KB)
The kits also contain example PDF files for both submission formats:
  • Full Paper PDF example (36KB)
  • Short Paper PDF example (24KB)

All papers submitted to Interspeech 2008 must adhere to the format, length and style specified in the respective template files (or see the PDF example files for a written version of the styles), so please read them carefully. It is the author's responsibility to ensure that submitted papers use the correct styles, fonts, etc., as the Local Organising Committee does not have the resources to correct papers that do not adhere to these.

Paper submissions must be in PDF format. To convert your paper to PDF format, you can use commercially available tools (Adobe Acrobat, for example), online conversion services (free trial of Create Adobe PDF Online, for example), or freeware products (PDFCreator, for instance). Please ensure that no watermarks are introduced during the conversion process to PDF (some freeware tools do that).

The PDF file should comply with the following requirements:

  • there must be no PASSWORD protection on the PDF file at all;
  • all fonts must be embedded; and
  • the file must be text searchable (hit CTRL-F and try to find a common word such as 'the').
The proceedings editors (Causal Productions) will contact authors of non-complying files to obtain a replacement, to be submitted by a specified date. In order not to endanger the preparation of the proceedings, papers for which a replacement is not provided by the specified date will be withdrawn.